Frequently Asked Questions
Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a password we can use to un-protect your template?  We
want to add additional worksheets to the book.
    Sorry, but we don't give out passwords.  There is a lot going on
    inside these files.  There has been trouble in the past with well
    intentioned people making "improvements" that cause errors in
    another area of the sheet.  These files eventually get sent back
    as a bug report and a lot of hours are spent looking for the
    problem, only to find someone changed something.  Keeping
    the files password protected helps ensure users don't get
    corrupted files.

We are unable to access the file due to a password protection?
    If you are receiving an error regarding password protection you
    are most likely trying to modify a protected cell.  Generally, white
    cells can be modified and colored cells cannot.  Most files are
    written to require very little input from the user.  Make sure you
    are entering data into a white cell.  You may also want to read
    through the instructions to make sure you are using the chart

I recently downloaded the Gage R&R form and when I entered
results for 2 operators, some of the resultant formula fields show
    The error most likely comes from the fact that the difference
    between the averages of your operators is unusually small,
    resulting in the square root of a negative number in the
    calculation of the AV term.  Calculation of AV is defined by the
    AIAG MSA manual which I can't avoid.  The latest version of my
    GR&R spreadsheet performs a complete Analysis of Variance
    (ANOVA) and avoids the negative square root problem.  Please
    refer the numerical summary tab for the ANOVA results.
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