Gage R and R
Gage Repeatability

This spreadsheet allows the user to perform a complete Gage
Repeatability and Reproducibility (GR&R) study.  Gage R&Rs are an
important part of any Process Capability Study.  Excessive variation in
the measurement system will cause inaccurate assessment of your
process.  Don’t let this happen!
Quality Dimensions
Features Include:

  • Full graphical analysis using the
    Control Chart method
  • Full analytical analysis including
    Analysis of Variance
  • Calculations automatically update for
    the number of operators, trials and
  • Only the upper and lower tolerance is
    required to be entered manually!
  • Results are reported in terms of
    percent of study variation and percent
    of tolerance.
  • Up to three operators, ten parts and
    three trials can be accommodated.
  • As few as one operator, two parts and
    two trials can be accommodated
    (although not recommended
  • The percentage of equipment
    variation, appraiser variation, part
    variation, and the number of distinct
    categories that can be distinguished
    are displayed.