Latin Square Design of Experiments

If you are using DOE for the first time, this is an excellent template to
try. The spreadsheet allows the user to perform a Latin Square
Design of Experiments (DOE).  The Latin Square DOE is a simple, 3
factor, half factorial design intended to test for main effects.  The Latin
Square design  allows main effects to be easily seen.  The template
allows for two entries per cell where by the difference can be used for
evaluating  repeatability. Results are very easy to read making this a
great way for users to begin using Design of experiments.
Features Include:

  • Three input factors can be studied using four
    combinations of factor levels
  • Each cell allows for one repeated experiment per
    combination to be conducted
  • All row, column and diagonal averages are displayed
  • The average difference for repeated experiments is
    displayed as a measure of repeatability
  • A bar graph and line chart of the data is displayed
Quality Dimensions
Latin Square DOE