Quincunx Simulator

This spreadsheet simulates a mechanical Quincunx.  The Quincunx is
a powerful teaching aid that can be used to fully understand Process
Capability studies by simulating a production process.  Red beads are
the container allows one bead to be dropped into the Quincunx.  The
bead falls left or right over the pins, randomizing the drop.  The bead
then falls into a bin at the bottom of the page, accumulating in a
Histogram showing the full range of variation of the process.
Features Include:

  • The target value and the degree of
    variation can be adjusted using the
  • Data is recorded in a single column
    suitable for pasting into any Process
    Capability spreadsheet.
  • A run chart at the bottom of the page
    displays a record of the drops
Quality Dimensions