Virtual Factory
Virtual Factory

This spreadsheet simulates the manufacturing process of a turned
shaft used in electrical motor assemblies.   There are three steps in
specification limits for each step are provided.  Currently, the process
is not making 100% good parts.  It is your responsibility to locate the
sources of variation affecting the process.

This spreadsheet can be used for classroom instruction or individual
study.  The data can be used to perform many different types of
analysis including Capability Studies, Regression Analysis, and
others.  You can Copy/Paste the resulting data into another
spreadsheet or software package for analysis.
Features Include:

  • Three step process:
  1. Supplied billet
  2. Rough turned shaft
  3. Finish turned shaft
  • Data values displayed for the
    diameter before and after  each step
    in the process.
  • Macro buttons to generate data and
    copy the data to the scratch pad.
Quality Dimensions