Virtual Machine
Virtual Machine

This spreadsheet simulates a Computer Numerical Control (CNC)
shaft machining operation.  It allows the user to "manufacture" parts
and acquire the related dimensional measurements for each part.  
This spreadsheet can be used for classroom instruction or individual
study.  The data can be used to perform many different types of
analysis including Capability Studies, Regression Analysis, Design of
Experiments (DOE) and others.

This spreadsheet is intended to generate only data. You must Copy
and Paste the results into another spreadsheet or software package
for analysis.
Features Include:

  • Variable and discreet inputs:
  1. Spindle Speed
  2. Feed Rate
  3. Depth of Cut
  4. Single pass or double pass cut
  • Spinner controls and Radio buttons for
    adjusting the inputs
  • A record of each part showing:
  1. Incoming diameter and
  2. The machine settings
  3. The resulting diameter &
  4. The cycle time required
  • A counter for tracking the cost
    effectiveness of the study plan.
Quality Dimensions